Sunday, October 3, 2010

Holidays Challenge

Last week, I finally decided to take a step forward and joined the "Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp." It's an activity for the Etsy community for the upcoming holidays.

There are many tasks that you have to do and, the activity is already running. This week, people who joined the Boot Camp had to prepare a brainstorming product and analyze how their shop (including my shop :-) was doing.

Another task was the "connection deal." We had to find a Boot Camp buddy. It was a little hard but I finally got my buddy!! :D. What is lovely is that we have a couple of things in common. We like to make ecofriendly items and love design. You can check her shop here. I will keep you updated on how this challenge is going!

This week was exciting. I made new designs :D The hardest part was the photo shooting time.
We always want to create cool concepts for our photos to take care of underanewlight (my Etsy shop). So we prepared ourselves ( I mean my husband + my little baby + me) and focused on the concept issue.

After half a day, we got to the final step, which is to organize and edit the photos...and in the end, I think we got it!

Have a lovely weekend!
GG xxx

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